The range of Eun Museum products has been designed to offer a storage system with the maximum protection and security of artworks. The inside part of the system is equipped with automated shelves and mobile metallic shelves for a correct storage and stability of deposits.

Eun Museum line facilitates easy location and control of the artworks in a comfortable way, allowing easy and without risk access. Only about 1 - 5% of collection is exhibited; the rest stay in storage facilities that must be of optimal quality for the correct preservation of such collections.

Eun Group makes possible the necessary climatization and storage conditions through its electronical archiving systems.

The management of the different systems can be done with a self-developed software.

The range is complemented with modern wardrobes and modern cabinets for the use of the workers. Eun Group offers turnkey projects, and supplies the necessary equipment for the office (tables, chairs,…).

Products used in Museum solution: