About us

  • More than 50 years in the market.
  • Supplying products and services designed by EUN.
  • Factory 4.0.
  • Presence, partnerships, customers and facilities,... in more than 80 countries.
  • Advanced, sustainable and digital management.
  • Guarantee of service to our customers throughout he entire product life cycle.

General Policies

At EUN, we optimize spaces to efficiently store and manage content.
To achieve this, we manufacture high-quality products that incorporate the latest technological developments. We provide security, sustainability, and control. From this context, we help to generate an optimal modeling, as well as the configuration of spaces, whose final scope goes beyond its initial purpose.

Maximize the value of EUN to become a worldwide reference in storage space optimization and efficient content management for different sectors of the global market.

1. Family-owned company
2. Reliability
3. Teamwork
4. Global market orientation
5. Focus on sustainable results
6. Innovation and excellence

Based on the communication received by our stakeholders, EUN is committed to comply with the legal, environmental and regulatory requirements applicable to the sector of industrial activity for which we are responsible.

We seek to ensure the conservation and protection of the environment, to the best of our ability, minimizing the environmental impact of our activities, reducing the consumption of resources and greenhouse gas emissions by calculating our carbon footprint, in the context of our “Route to zero project”.

This General Management Policy of EUN is revised at least 1 time every year

General Management Policies

“We highly recommend EUN to any organization seeking top-notchautomated storage solutions backed by exceptional customer service. We look forward to workwith EUN, in many more projects.”

George P John

General Manager, Almoayyed Commercial Services, Qatar

“At EUN we’ve seen a clear commitment to enhance management, inspired by the Advanced Management Model and the incorporation of rigorous and innovative approaches.”

Fernando Sierra

Director of EUSKALIT Advanced Management

“Not only did they provide a top-notch, durable and safe product, but EUN also delivered excellent service and impeccable professionalism.”

Jordi Sànchez

Architect - BCQ

“EUN’s involvement in environmental awareness and quality is evidenced by its ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications, demonstrating its corporate commitment to ongoing improvement and transparency.”


Global assurance provider.

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Work with EUN

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