DHUB Design Museum of Barcelona: The mobile electronic EUN system significantly increases storage capacity

Public sector DHUB Museo del Diseño de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain / Arcive · Office / Public sector / MBM Arquitectes


The degree of adaptability of EUN storage systems to the characteristics and dimensions of distinct types of objects and pieces was decisive for success of this project.

The mobile electronic system was implemented for perfect conservation of the collections and space optimisation, significantly increasing the capacity in the areas where it has been installed. That required the necessary diverse types of furniture, defining the conditioning modes and calculating the space occupation of the collections. The furniture was carefully distributed, facilitating the calculations of persons.



Originally, the building was dedicated only to be used as a library; but the project evolved toward a wider concept integrating the FAD (Fostering Arts and Design), the BCD (Barcelona Design Centre) and other museums.

That way it has become, a space for design and catalyser of the meeting and research about the benefits, both cultural and economic of this sector.



The project represents the improvement and optimisation of the file management and processing processes, as well as guaranteeing the security and conservation of the works deposited there.

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