EUN Fits Hot Desk Storage Spaces at Walmart Mexico

The hot desks at the Walmart offices in Azcapotzalco, CDMX, required innovative solutions for personnel to store their belongings.


Hot desking has put paid to the traditional system of an assigned drawer unit for storing employees’ personal and work belongings. Aware of this, Walmart Mexico commissioned a Steelcase project in partnership with EUN to remodel its offices in Azcapotzalco, CDMX. 

The project required designing special-height monobloc lockers (600 mm with two doors and 900 mm with three). The goal was to prevent large-sized lockers from forming barriers in the workplace and even use them as seating, fostering collaborative areas. 

531 EUN 410 units with a white metal body and 1,478 melamine doors were made and integrated into the decor of the Walmart offices, providing an effective solution to the needs of new working environments. 



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