Copybook coordination between EUN companies behind awarding of largest EUN project in Northern Europe 

Located in the Municipal Archive of Borgenhaugen, a northern European city, the project consists of expanding the present six linear kilometres of storage space to cover 40 linear kilometres. EUN will fit the archive with its double-decker 630E Storage System and include its Storage Operating System as well.  

The built-in rails will be fitted in late 2021 to implement archive installation by Spring 2022, since the work must be completed by the end of May 2022. 

The opportunity was detected and worked on by EUN Storage AB and subsequent action on the part of EUN Sistemas SL brought the bid home. EUN Sistemas SL will be tasked with product manufacture and installation of the built-in rails. The consecutive installation of the elevation section will be the work of a crack team from EUN Mexico SA de CV, which recently installed the largest double-decker archive in Latin America: Banorte


Project: IKA Østfold

Project Builder: Metacon

Project distributor: Lager Systemer

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