EUN Lockers at the Amazon Offices 

The versatility of the lockers is reflected in this installation, with 402 storage spaces for Amazon employees in Mexico City.

The new installation at the Amazon headquarters is located in the swish Polanco neighbourhood of Mexico City. Through its Steelcase partner, EUN has installed the lockers that fit out the new offices, livening up the work areas. 

The staff have no assigned workstations and personal storage plays an important role during the day. 

Storage spaces that guarantee security and integrate the lockers in the environment are needed for personal objects, and this design leverages the versatility of the EUN solution to generate flexible, dynamic work spaces.

It involves a total of 171 towers with 400-plus storage spaces and includes upholstered, corporate-colour-friendly seating to define the areas assigned to different work zones.



Next-generation combination electronic locks have been installed for security - closure systems that provide characteristic new features in line with the latest trends in corporate spaces.

The EUN products support the Steelcase solutions aimed at corporate equipment. The US brand partners with EUN in Mexico, where we have harnessed the partnership to move the needle on work spaces, among other initiatives.

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