EUNlogic management software powers sustainable viewing of company’s updated strategic indicators

EUN has installed information screens at the company’s head office and subsidiaries (both offices and workshops) where its updated Strategic Indicators are shown at the same time. The Iberia, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa teams also get this update by email at the same time. EUNlogic makes it possible to control the information shown on each of the screens and sent by email from a single server. 

Thanks to this project we can keep all EUNDARRAK up to date with the progress made in delivering on the company’s challenges, helping guide us towards the same goals. 

The project is part of the EUN’s sustainability commitment. This digital (paper-free) solution, targeted at economic efficiency and aimed at disclosures for our stakeholders, is without question an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable initiative. 

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