EUN Systems Stores World's Hardiest Seeds at Rabat in Morocco

The not-for-profit agricultural research facility ICARDA works to facilitate farming in dry areas across the planet and has turned to EUN for its Gene Bank

The International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA ) is a not-for-profit that seeks innovative solutions to improve the resilience of rural communities in parts of the world with little water. Its gene bank in Rabat houses seeds that need preservation in optimal conditions to perform research on them for at least the next fifty years. ICARDA has reached out to EUN to install a facility with full guarantees and which meets different conditions: it is an area used by scientists every day, kept at a low temperature and with a noticeable storage weight. 

EUN has installed perforated storage systems to equip the drying room and some of the chambers used in classified spaces such as “Active Collections” and “Base”. ”.


Why keep seeds on file? To do research with them, for example, and be able to generate more resistant varieties that enable farming in dry places around the world. This is the objective of the ICARDA agricultural research facility that recently reached out to EUN for an installation fit for its needs.

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