“High value-added products are present across 70% of the bids EUN has tendered in 2021”

EUN Chief Executive Officer Alberto Lorenzo discusses the keys to the company’s future in this third part of the interview.  A company which, after emerging from 2020 stronger than ever , is now addressing market changes (link a la segunda entrega). Because of that and the work done “from the inside out”, he is optimistic about the future and the high value-added solutions EUN can provide.

In this future that you envisage for EUN, where do the factories fit in and what features do they have?
We need to invest in them to deliver a manufacturing capability with almost infinite flexibility so that if we have many customers on the go at the same time we can still meet tight delivery schedules. That is what we were able to do overnight during the pandemic, when we trebled our nominal speed.

The EUN factory must keep ahead of the curve in every way, from lean manufacturing and 4.0 tools to handling mass and unit batches with the same capacity for response. 

Investment in advanced machinery, in other words...
 ....supplemented with advanced talent in the EUNdarrak (Team EUN).

What do you mean by “advanced talent”?
Talent in line with versatility requirements and which make them capable of handling types of materials other than the current ones, because delivering better environmental and technical outcomes involves moving forwards in materials. And both factories and sales teams need a differentiating factor, which is customisation.

Give each customer the custom solution they need...
Efficient investments are bespoke investments and customers know that; they don’t want a standard product.

We are talking about optimising the space; the space is unique, as are use and management, too.

That is why the ability to customise the mechanical part, the electronic part and the software is key, along with the ability to understand each person's use and management practice. To achieve that, our teams need strong technical know-how across the different areas. That is the only way to get good insight into customers and be able to advise them. We must make customers understand that they are not spending so much as investing in an optimal solution, in high value-added products that combine software, electronics and management.

How has demand for this type of high value-added product evolved?
In 2017 it accounted for around 20% of our sales; by 2020 the figure was 50%. So far this year these products have been present in around 70% of the bids tendered. This means customers are taking up our value proposition on very large projects in top international firms that are pushing the envelope. Customers want the know-how and expertise EUN is able to give them. They want that combination of technical knowledge (embodied in advanced mechatronic products), custom software-development capability and use/management consulting - in short, a market trend towards premiumization. 

That combination of technical knowledge, custom software-development capability and consulting is added to lean manufacturing and the 4.0 factory to form the EUN value proposition. 

Our goal now is for any EUN conversation partner to be able to explain it to any customer representative.  

For each EUNdarrak to be able to act as an EUN sales rep...
Well, EUN is just one big EUN sales network, after all. And any EUNdarrak must be capable of conveying what we are about and the way we work. That is why we are prioritising providing the entire company with tools to bring this value proposition to market.

What tools are they?
We have put in place a revolutionary project that will enable us to convey this value proposition interactively to the end customer and any intermediary alike. It can be done by pivoting the conversation around the requirements of any particular customer at any given time. It is a fully flexible tool that will help us with both the introductory pitch to a company CEO who has three minutes to get to know us, and to drill down on the smallest details of a specific project to be defined.

That does sound like it could be a good support for the sales team...
And it will also help in another of the big challenges ahead: doubling our international presence.

With a new business model we aim to continue expanding the brand across different geographic locations.


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