Mexican Agrifood Firm Tajín Onboards EUN Lockers for Staff

The initial idea for equipping the changing rooms was pivoted by raising the project quality.

Renowned Mexican agrifood firm Tajín, with an important presence on the international market, was keen to fit out its plant changing rooms.



The project for the space moved forward significantly from the initial concept. From an approach involving towers with sloping tops and a footed base to prevent contact with the ground (to stop humidity), it changed to ready-assembled units on a narrow concrete base.  At the customer’s request, the metal doors included a hive-style ventilation screen, unusual in these models.




The visual proportion of the central modules was corrected with respect to those flush against the walls, adding a straight top to increase height and visually harmonize the whole.

The use of lockers to store employees’ personal belongings has been growing significantly in corporate facilities across Mexico in recent years.



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