Our goal: to guarantee optimal use of a production plant’s changing rooms

The big challenge for large corporate spaces with heavy footfall is efficient time management.

Facilities must be designed to ensure that staff can store their belongings in a locker swiftly and with the peace of mind of knowing they will find them there when they knock off.


Locker areas can sometimes run the risk of causing bottlenecks due to the affluence of people coming and going.

The challenges around facilities at large corporations involved having to provide spaces for staff that would enable easy access to and use of equipment.


The use of changing rooms can be allocated to several factory processes, so it was necessary to provide lockers with different modes of use.   

Locker areas must be designed to guarantee optimal personnel flow during shift changes. A simplified and effective custom configuration powers efficiency in access and mobility. Easy-to-use locking systems enabling simplified management are also included for the greater benefit of operators.


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