Swiss Federal Railways (CFF) Implements EUN Management Solution for Maximum Efficiency in Repair Work 

The EUN-developed solution applies RFID technology to compact storage systems. Implemented in Geneva central station, it guarantees maximum speed and efficiency for train repair personnel 

EUN stepped up to the challenge and proposed a dedicated technology solution combining an electronic compact storage system with management software and an online closing solution. The software leverages the EUNLogic base from a screen located on the side of the storage systems that is easy to operate and provides full control.

When the Swiss federal railway offices in Geneva get word of a breakdown, the workmen must be onsite to repair the train within 40 minutes. A fine example of speed and efficiency, and one that requires a management solution up to the job.

Operators utilise an RFID card to easily locate any spare part in the storage carts. The system also streamlines real-time part tracking.

It provides access control to the different corridors depending on each user’s level of permission. The solution has been set up in a hangar at Geneva central station beside the rail line between the capital and Lausanne. It may be extended to the rest of the Swiss railway network going forwards.



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