The processes in EUN are exhaustively analyzed in order to optimize resources and obtain a high productive capacity

Investment and continuous improvement, achieve an advanced manufacturing process in EUN, allocating the necessary resources and reducing costs and production time.

Joxe Ramón Iraola, responsible for the manufacturing process, together with the EUN team, manage an efficient production and manufacturing center, obtaining the customer as a result, a high quality product and reduced delivery times.

As an example, the manufacture of shelves is completely automated. The intervention of the team in the manufacturing development is carried out to verify that the product is in optimal conditions, thus obtaining great efficiency and competitiveness. 



As Joxe Ramón Iraola comments, “The commitment to efficient processes has led the factory to automate its production as much as possible and to optimize materials, allowing a minimum of waste. For us, sustainability is a very important aspect that is given priority ”.

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