Triple survey for all EUN Stakeholders 

We launched a triple survey targeted at all our stakeholders in mid-September to get relevant information we could leverage to prepare the Strategic Plan review and 2022 Management Plan.  

The stakeholders were asked about sustainable management in the company, and in general all responded by saying they consider EUN a sustainable firm. They also appreciated particular aspects of EUN regarding economic, social and environmental sustainability, providing an overview of the areas that mattered most to each stakeholder. We will tap this information to draft the EUN sustainability report.  

Our EUNdarrak (EUN team) were especially asked about certain matters related to the work environment. The upshot was that all communication, training and company management areas scored better than in previous surveys.    

EUN customers also scored aspects concerning their satisfaction with the company - and although the scores were high in 2020, they did even better this year.  

Of note was the collaboration and high participation achieved. This enabled us to obtain high-quality content that will be used to define our projects and actions in the near future.  

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