We are bidding around 20% more than the projections for the year”

EUN Mexico & LatAm Chief Process Officer Antonio Alfaro Rosales explains the reasons for his optimism regarding the Latin American market and the changes produced in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Has the pandemic impacted EUN’s work in other areas?
Like everyone, our use of video calls has changed substantially. We recently delivered a fairly major project for Banorte which was the first time we had worked almost entirely via videoconferencing. The operations team worked onsite of course, but management was coordinated by the Beasain (Basque Country) headquarters and the Mexico City office all by streaming. And that really optimised resources.

Has the use of telematics also changed your relationship with customers?
I think it has allowed us to reach out to them even better. We used to schedule meetings to touch base with architects, sales teams and project partners but now, aware of the tools we had and didn't use, it’s as easy as turning on the computer camera. We are solving complex issues in a more streamlined fashion, we have a very fluid relationship we can tap when problems crop up... yes, it has hands down been a very positive change.

So that explains your optimism around the short-term future... 
There are reasons to be optimistic. Compared to other brands, EUN has a quality, an elegance and a type of technology that set it apart. With these values we have an enormous market to explore, both in Mexico and right across Latin America. We need to aim high and gain a bigger market share. We were already performing well but now it's time to step it up a notch. 

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