We leverage advanced technology to make our production processes more sustainable

Advanced technology helps us perfect our fully automated painting process based on Industry 4.0 and to deliver maximum quality while minimising our environmental impact (reducing both raw material and energy consumption).

Our customer supply process covers several stages: It begins with planning. It then moves on to processing and personalised design. Provisioning and manufacturing is subsequently launched, and finally the material is shipped and supplied, with installation and commissioning in the end-user building.

To achieve maximum efficiency and sustainability for our customers, supply must be lean, safe and environmentally friendly. And to ensure this, all phases or tasks and the interfaces between them must flow smoothly, minimising any type of waste or excess.

The manufacturing phase (between provisioning and shipping) is when the automated paint lines are employed in the final moments of the products being in our facilities: a definitive opportunity to provide them with the quality they should convey and to guarantee good visual integration in designed spaces. That is why the colour and paint must have a high-end quality and finish level.



Our lean challenge for the paint lines is accentuated in live manufacturing, where aspects such as environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, luminosity, etc.) vary, along with the colour mix the customers select for the products, the innate characteristics of the different materials we use, the shapes and sizes of the parts to be painted, and so on. One example is the extensive spectrum of part sizes, ranging from 20 mm to 3,000 mm in length, and the mix of parts on the paint lines at the same time.

How do we achieve our perfect coating? The automated paint lines include control cabins that can use different settings such as paint dispenser position and cycles, the amount of water we inject the paint with, the amount of raw material (paint) we paint with, the drying oven temperature and automated loading and unloading to ensure positioning is always the same, etc.

We recently fitted the paint cabins with state-of-the-art technology to supply our customers with a more sustainable, better-quality product.

Specifically, we perform real-time mapping of part finishes to ensure uniformity across all parts, based on adjusting the paint cabin control settings. This means we not only ensure colour uniformity, i.e., maximum aesthetic quality of the parts, but also reduce the amount of paint used (since it is optimised and prevents excess). We also optimise energy spend in the drying process (by providing the minimum amount of raw material needed to achieve the optimal quality the customer is after, free of defects and excesses).

We can therefore make a better-quality product with the collateral benefit of a considerable reduction in environmental impact.


A further example of EUN’s commitment to obtaining maximum efficiency from environmentally, socially and economically sustainable solutions.

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