Lights, camera, action: EUN’s role in safeguarding and conserving Biscay’s cultural heritage.

We interviewed Sorkunde Aiarza, Coordinator of the Museums of Bilbao - Bizkaia and manager of two of the most important collections owned by both the Bilbao City Council and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. 

The museum is in the middle of a comprehensive architectural and curatorial renovation, which is why we met with Aiarza and her team in the repository at the Euskal Museoa. 


She talked to us about how the collection, which requires specific temperature and humidity conditions, is stored and preserved thanks to the solutions that EUN has provided for this vast collection of 50,000 extremely different items that all have diverse conservation needs. 

Aiarza says that EUN provides the institution with just the right conservation and ad-hoc storage solution for each object. EUN Logic has also been linked up with the museum’s own software for end-to-end traceability of the pieces, from their location to loan management. 

Starting with the first step of the process, which was clearing out the museum—an incredibly difficult challenge given the immense value of the collection—the software provided real-time knowledge of the location and maintenance conditions of each piece. 

The full interview is coming soon to give you a firsthand look at how they protect and store objects at Euskal Museoa.