EUN’s solutions protect the cultural heritage of the Government of Andorra

Following the award, the project was divided into two batches: one for the Museum of Cultural Heritage and the National Archive, and the other for the National Library.

EUN was contacted by a group of curators through the Ministry of Culture to equip the hotel La Rosaleda, in Andorra, which will be the new headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and will house the country’s cultural heritage. The curators knew about the Design Hub project carried out by EUN, which led to it being chosen to fit out the facility.



Through the distributor, Gil Mobilari, EUN submitted a bid for the tender that was divided into different batches: the library’s storeroom and the national cultural heritage archive. In order make the cultural heritage archive amenable to visitors, EUN provided display cabinets with glass doors to show the exhibits.

One distinctive feature of the project is that aluminium platforms were fitted on which EUN’s solutions were assembled, in order to deliver greater stability and security in protecting the objects of cultural value.