Locker System: Design, Efficiency and Security

The locker system adapts to the surroundings, and its design harmonises with the building. Situated in passageways, they directly affect the aesthetic proposal of the spaces. A secure place for students’ belongings.

The Carlos III University inaugurated the Carmen Martin building in the Getafe campus in 2013. The building was designed for greater sustainability, both in the project and during the construction; and has reached an unseen degree of excellence up to now among teaching installations in Spain. 



EUN participated in the project contributing design and development of storage systems, locker systems and general furniture for the classrooms and library. The furniture aesthetics had to be modern and effective, following the line of construction, and EUN developed and used different designs according to each area to achieve such harmony. 



The finishes of the lockers, clean and modern, and with high quality surfaces, is the most visible part of a solid, long-lasting construction of all its parts. The lockers do not need any special treatment thanks to the composition of their materials, and thus facilitating the maintenance.