Maximising storage capacity at Cordoba’s Discalced Carmelites library

The solution EUN delivered to fully harness the space was just as crucial as the product design in the managers’ decision to award the library project to EUN

This facility, which will house the order’s collections, features over 180,000 documents and countless incunabula and manuscripts.

The 600 Storage archive shelving system was installed, a scalable solution that leverages space to the full. The ad hoc design also considered the context of the space where the installation was created, with several passageways created to link the new archive with the nearby repository.

The implemented solution increases the space’s capacity by around 150% and enables the shelving modules to be moved around silently.

User, document and information safety is primordial and to ensure it the EUN 600 Storage solution is fitted with microprocessors, sensors and the firm’s proprietary OS software which can, among other things, detect the presence of any sized obstacle and trigger automated movement of the shelves where the documents are kept.



The library was built in 1842 to group and inventory the convent, monastery and church collections disentailed in the years 1835 to 1837 and is part of the complex formed by the convent and the Virgen del Carmen school. It is located in calle Alonso el Sabio, Cordoba.