“The EUN 430 Galileo is a smart space articulator and generator in offices”

We caught up with Marcelo Alegre from Alegre Design – who partnered with our team on defining the EUN 430 Galileo range – on his return from Orgatec in Cologne (Germany), the premier international event for the workspace furniture industry.

The office world is changing. What do new corporate spaces need in terms of distribution and storage?

New office spaces have evolved towards hybrid models that make it possible to combine face-to-face and remote work. They must have the agility needed to accommodate workers at particular times of the working week. To that end, personal storage spaces are needed that streamline the flow of people within a space.

What traits do offices require today and going forwards?

Offices are going to require a great deal of flexibility and to be able to create public and private spaces. Public spaces where ad hoc partner and supplier meetings and training sessions can be held, and more private spaces dedicated to tasks requiring concentration.

How does the EUN 430 Galileo fit into these international trends?

430 Galileo was designed to organise the space and promote flows within the office, dividing and generating areas with different levels of privacy. It also encourages connectivity and the storage of personal objects and professional material by applying new technologies.


How has the design of this collection been coordinated with EUN’s extensive technological experience?

The 430 Galileo collection was envisaged as an architectural solution able to generate spaces in the offices of the future. To produce this architectural volume, EUN leveraged all of its knowhow around metal furniture production to craft lightweight structures that would be easy to adjust and implement over time. These structures marry with the storage-space management technology EUN has been employing for years. It makes 430 Galileo a smart space articulator and generator in offices.

What benefits do modularity and the accessories designed for this collection bring to the table?

430 Galileo was designed in close collaboration with EUN to be fully modular and able to evolve in time, according to the needs of each company. It can be reconfigured, redistributed and expanded on in the future, in keeping with the evolution of the team or activities developed in an office.