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Other sectors

A full range of solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

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“We highly recommend EUN to any organization seeking top-notchautomated storage solutions backed by exceptional customer service. We look forward to workwith EUN, in many more projects.”

George P John

General Manager Almoayyed, Commercial Services, Qatar

“Thanks to their expertise, backed by five decades of experience, and their support throughout the entire project process, we can count on EUN for our creation and transformation of workspaces, as well as when it comes to incorporating technology and automated content and location management software.”

Miguel Bermejo

Spacesaver Latam, EUN Distributor

EUN Logic® R.R.© for Other sectors

The EUN-created software that adds a whole new layer of intelligence to storage furniture.

  • Loans and returns.
    Management of item loans and returns with features including overdue notifications, acknowledgement of receipt, out-of-hours management, reservation of the original location for the entire loan period until its return, etc

  • Location.
    Accurate and real-time information on item location. It makes it possible to pinpoint everything from a piece on loan to its exact (topographical) location within our building.

  • Traceability.
    Historical information on relevant properties, movements, status, locations and users related to the items.

  • Personalized guided tours.
    Option to configure personalized visits for all types of users, with remote and on-site options.

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  • Access control.
    Based on the security requirements that the organization defines, EUN Logic provides permissions, schedules, reservations, etc. for gaining access to the different storage spaces.

  • Item exchange.
    Allows the exchange of all types of items between office users and recurring visitors in a completely autonomous manner.

  • Inventory management.
    Stock control: quantities, locations, notifications of stock-outs, etc.

  • 24/7 click & collect.
    Delivery and reception of packages outside business hours.

  • Remote management.
    Open movable shelves, locker doors, etc. from mobile devices.