Work with EUN

“By partnering with the EUN team, we’ve learned the value of innovation, bringing value to the market through reliable and durable products and solutions that enhance spaces and people’s daily lives.”

Marcelo Alegre

CEO of Alegre Design

“From the very beginning, EUN impressed us with their comprehensive understanding of ourclient's storage needs. They took the time to thoroughly assess our requirements, ensuring thattheir storage solutions were tailored precisely to our unique business demands.”

George P John

General Manager - Almoayyed Commercial Services, Qatar

“As architects, we’re always on the lookout for innovative and efficient solutions for our projects. That’s why we chose mobile shelving for the new Pilarín Bayés library in Vic. Together, we’ve created a functional, modern and sustainable design that meets our client’s needs. We’re thrilled with the result and hope to continue working with EUN in the future.”

Jordi Sànchez

Architect - BCQ

“After five years of working together, we’ve seen that EUN is committed to providing services with a high added value and developing innovative tools to interact with its audience. A technical and challenging project that is made possible thanks to the dedication and commitment of everyone in the company. For Alambre, it is truly a privilege to be part of it.”

Gorcin Stanojlovic

Director and brand consultant, Alambre

“The ongoing focus on innovation and competitive delivery times is what stands out in our partnership with EUN, not to mention the quality of their products. Having the quantities we need allows us to benefit from highly competitive prices.”

Emilio Martinez

Director at Organitec, EUN Distributor


Technical and sales tool.



Follow-up of offers, orders and invoices.