“Kudeabide” Program selects EUN’s project on People Management as a reference of Good Practices for other companies

At EUN we believe that Advanced Management is essential to maintaining a competitive company in today’s global and technological world.

In 2018, based on a self-evaluation, the company decided to adopt an Advanced Management system, and in these two years EUN has been able to prosper, especially in the People area, achieving a strong sense of belonging to the organization and even coining a new term, EUNdarrak.

This project was selected by the Kudeabide Programme as a reference for Best Practices for other companies. The Kudeabide Program is a joint project of the Basque Government and the three Provincial Councils, with the purpose of providing Basque companies with coordinated support for the construction of competitive advantages. Innobideak-Kudeabide promotes the improvement of this competitiveness of Basque companies by supporting the application and implementation of Advanced Management methodologies, tools and principles.

The EUN project, entitled "Definition and implementation of methodologies aimed at improving Organizational Management" is part of People Management, an important pillar of EUN and has helped in the advancement of the people element, and specifically in two aspects detected in the 2018 Euskalit contrast, such as the care of people and the commitment and motivation of employees.

EUN decided to share it with INNOBIDEAK-Kudeabide because it is aware of the advantages that the Advanced Management Model brings to companies at a time of globalized markets and technological evolution like the current one.

In the following link you can download the EUN report with more detailed information.
Definition and implementation of methodologies aimed at improving Organizational Management:  


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