NRFM Mexico: More than 1.5 million contracts managed by EUN Logic

Nissan Renault Finance México (NRFM)
Aguascalientes, México / Archive · Office / Financial Sector / Dellekamp Architects

Thanks to the adaptation capacity of EUN Logic, NRFM has recovered control over its financing contracts and manage the large amount of traffic of documentation in its 18 storage systems installed by EUN.

Nissan Renault Finance México (NRFM) is a leading automobile financing institution in Mexico. In 2017, it inaugurated in Aguascalientes new corporate offices to house all its services.

EUN has installed 18 fixed, mobile, and electronic mobile systems managed by EUN Logic software and with the ERP owned by the client. Thanks to that, EUN Logic shares the unique code of the financing contract, which allows distinguishing one document from another and rapidly localising it.

Now, the client has total control of its contracts, immediately knowing its location and status. Likewise, it can easily conduct large loan and expurgation processes after the validity period has finalised.


The software has been growing at the same time as the functions required by NRFM and today, more than 1.5 million contracts are stored, and loan processes are conducted of more than 1,000 contracts every day. 




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