Our daily work maximizes the possibilities of EUN Logic

The internal implementation of our EUN Logic management software is aimed at the permanent search for possible ways of improvement with the aim of offering increasingly efficient solutions.

Our painting section of the manufacturing plant in the headquarters has implemented the full potential of EUN Logic to improve the stock management of our warehouses.

The operators themselves, using a PDA and a tablet, can read the QR codes of the gaps in the warehouse and enter the amount of paint added or removed. The software manages the quantities that are stored in the different spaces of each area and their movements. It provides a great help when carrying out inventories and allows precise control of the stock situation at all times.

The experience has been valued very positively, showing the great adaptability of EUN Logic to specific requirements.



With the upcoming implementation of the software in the electronics section of the same production plant, it will benefit from the improvements in the management of stock and materials.

EUN Logic is the ideal solution for managing content and spaces with a high level of documentation and object traffic.

For more information you can contact by this mail info@eungroup.com



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