An Artificial Vision System, EUN’s latest addition to its factory

EUN bets on technology that allows more sustainable and efficient production

EUN production plant has just incorporated an artificial vision system, which makes processes more efficient and sustainable thanks to the instantaneous quality control it performs, and in addition, it helps workers to devote their time to other tasks where they add value.

This system, in charge of an instant quality control, detects any minimal incidence in the production. It does so at the moment, preventing the continued production of materials that should be discarded. In this way, the system guarantees EUN’s quality standards, and allows for maximum waste reduction.



This implementation was born from the strategic projects of Lean Manufacturing and 4.0 Industry started in 2020, which will continue to strengthen with similar systems throughout 2021.

EUN is committed to continuous investment for a constant improvement of its production processes that guarantee the cost, time, quality and safety marked by the company and the current market.


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