Donostia/San Sebastian’s City Council is committed to EUN’s know-how and solutions in the new space destined to save and manage the municipal documentary fund

Donostia/San Sebastian’s Municipal Archive relies on EUN’s solutions to recover an old service space (crane warehouse) and give it all the value that its documentary background required.

Donostia City Council will soon release the new facilities of the Municipal Archive located in the old vehicle depot of the Atotxa tower. A space where the municipal fund and other funds of great value will be stored, conserved and consulted.

EUN has collaborated in the new Municipal Archive bringing the value of its knowledge and experience in its sector. It is a project that he has executed together with the construction company Moyua, with which he has worked closely and in perfect harmony to maximize the capacity of the place and get a great result in which even the smallest details have been taken care of.

The EUN Tronic system installed by EUN has been customized to suit the project in its entirety, taking into account the funds that will be housed, integrating embedded rails  at ground level and including luminaires that contribute to energy saving.

These luminaires integrated in EUN Tronic have avoided having to install a large number of light points in the rooms reducing the cost of the work, and in addition, these luminaires are activated with motion sensors so they are not kept on unnecessarily. Choosing white for EUN Tronic systems reflects a lot of light, and thanks to that choice, sufficiently illuminated space has been generated helping in the energy efficiency of the new municipal archive in Donostia/ San Sebastian.

Efficiency in the space, efficiency in the joint work with Moyua and energy efficiency stand out in the spaces that will house the Municipal Archive of Donostia.


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