EUN has decided to apply Lean Manufacturing in its processes

EUN completely manufacturing in its Beasain plant, rapidly responds to the needs of each client wherever located.  This immediate response is the fruit of advanced manufacturing processes and high production capacity based on Lean Manufacturing. 

Our commitment to Lean Manufacturing, has been developed with the support of external experts; and now it is reinforced with the ne incorporation of the Process Engineer Mikel Illarramendi.  Mikel will be exclusively dedicated to the ongoing improvement of our manufacturing processes to assure achieving optimal results.

Lean Manufacturing finds the method for improvement and optimisation of the production system, reducing both the waste and activities not adding value to the process. That way, we only must use for manufacturing those resources -materials and human- that are really needed, this way reducing both production time and the costs involved.

We work continuously to become more efficient, and we are focussed on the added value of our people and teamwork.



Soon we will expand information on the improvement in EUN manufacturing processes.
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