Introducing EUN's new identity

The new EUN identity, not only for aesthetics but also strategy.

Two years ago, we started our strategic reflection and the plan for changing the organisational model. Today we present what is perhaps one of the most visible aspects of the changes we have made: the new design of the EUN brand. 

The logo expresses the aperture and strength of our organisational character. It includes our trajectory and our essential values to lead us into the future. 

The motto “Creating Smart Spaces” includes the essence of our integrated approach when addressing projects. Always from the highest quality standards. 

The identity adopted by the EUN brand is oriented to digitalisation challenges and opportunities. It symbolises our orientation towards the knowledge provided by analysis and management of data, and that we transit to our clients to help constructing more competitive organisations.











El diseño de la marca EUN con su sobriedad visual y flexibilidad gráfica, nos equipa con las herramientas necesarias para la gran variedad de puntos de contacto en la comunicación en los que EUN estará presente. Para trasladar nuestros valores y hacerlos visibles a nuestro público.

Queremos, con esta nueva imagen, compartir con todos vosotros la gran ilusión que nos despiertan el futuro, las nuevas oportunidades y todos los retos que tenemos por delante.


Nous sommes heureux de répondre à toutes vos questions concernant nos produits et services.