An EUN project means a holistic approach and service provision throughout product/solution lifecycle

Requirements are evolving ever more rapidly and projects that might seem perfect today could need to be immediately pivoted to new circumstances at any time in their lifecycle. The ease of reconfiguring EUN products and solutions and the guarantee of being able to scale them up if needed exemplifies our ongoing service vocation and means we can deliver efficacy and sustainability for our customers.

At EUN, we are committed to consulting and training our customers. The ability to partner with them closely, understand their needs and bring our technological know-how and expertise to bear means we can develop custom solutions and fully leverage investments. We can deliver on your goal of maximising facility and work-process efficiency, onboarding sustainable solutions into your portfolio. Organisations that put their trust in EUN will emerge from the investment stronger. 

Our service concept is posited on a global understanding of a product’s different stages of useful life. Because even if the solution reached today does not change, it is important to leave the door open for new needs that could drive project evolution going forwards. This is something that can and does happen at any phase of a product or solution’s full lifecycle.



The scalability of EUN solutions and the possibility of combining our products by incorporating third-party accessories guarantees that facilities can evolve and adapt to new situations and requirements if they need to. 

Examples of this ability for reconfiguration include
- the 430 multifunction locker system to create different spaces;
- the potential to scale the 610 storage system up to a 620 mobile solution;
- the ability to transform a 620 mobile solution into a 620E (electronic) one;
- the feasibility of equipping the EUN Logic system software to better manage spaces and content.

Because when it comes to end-user efficiency we are essentially talking use and management.

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