Companies want answers for the new normal and EUN can give them what they need”

EUN Mexico & LatAm Chief Process Officer says customers are after vitality in work spaces and the firm can provide them with best-in-class solutions.

Antonio Alfaro Rosales, EUN Mexico & LatAm Chief Process Officer, is optimistic about the Latin American market and the opportunities emerging right now. EUN bidding figures this year to date are up on the projections in place for 2021. Companies want answers for the new situation and EUN can give them best-in-class products and solutions. The Covid pandemic has also produced new work styles that can boost efficiency and immediacy around customer support.

Let’s put some figures to the positive progress regarding the Mexico market. What ballpark are we talking? 
We can clearly see an uptick in sales. The situation is recovering well and we are bidding 20% more than we had planned for last year. We bid 9% more in February than we expected to; 31% more in March, and 15% more in April over the 2020 forecast. I think the Mexican market will progress very well, along with Latin America as a whole.



What do you put this rise in bids and promising situation down to?
I think companies are looking at how to pivot to the new normal and that is a really positive development if you offer products that meet these needs. Our lockers and block systems are going to be of vast importance. Companies are after vitality in offices, not static places, to respond to work patterns a world away from what we used to know. This search for vitality was already around but the pandemic upped the need for open spaces for a floating workforce

What product is most popular right now?
In both bids and orders, the strongest demand we have in projects right now is lockers. They meet the need for flexible, modular spaces. This has been one change and another change that has happened in Mexico is that we are now even more adaptable to projects and their special features.

We always try to punch above customer expectations. Another product line on the rise is software implementation.

This “smart layer” for your products has always been key. Is it more of a premium than ever now?    Everything related to software management (EUN Logic) has been performing strongly for the past couple of years, but we are now involved in several very representative projects, both with new customers and ones we had already been working with. This type of product that boosts efficiency and provides long-term returns for facilities is revolutionising storage and safeguarding projects.

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