EUN’s solutions in “Casa da Arquitectura” Matosinhos, Portugal, an international reference for architects

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The centre has become an international reference for architects, thanks to the heritage deposited in archives designed by EUN.

The Architecture House of Matosinhos, in Portugal is equipped with storage solutions designed by EUN with which it tried to value the great collection of architectural documentation that is archived and conserved there.

The aim of the center; to create a collection of iconographic and emblematic works of national and international architectural culture. For its best conservation, restoration and dissemination, EUN worked on a project that covered both the exhibition area of the central nave and the warehouse, a space not accessible to the public.



Adapting to the unique requirements of the museum, in the exhibition area storage systems were installed that house models of architectural reference projects, together with exhibition storage systems for paintings. In the repository, three systems were designed specifically for the storage of documentation. Through the use of mobile storage systems, more systems were installed, the first to preserve documentation in boxes, and another two with 2,700 A0 drawers, designed to store large-format documents.



The work area of the offices and laboratories of Casa da Arquitectura, also have EUN’s equipment, designed for the comfort of workers and collaborators.


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