Banorte, Bank of Mexico, relies on EUN solutions for its new centralized archive

630E double-deck solutions maximize space optimization and improve daily work processes.

Banorte, one of the largest banks in Mexico, centralizes the files that it had scattered throughout the country. The installation is made up of 630E solutions, double-decker and 6 meters high, which improve daily work processes and maximize safety for workers.



It was necessary to manufacture more than 32,000 shelves for the racks, made up of 107 double mobile trolleys ranging between 8.40 and 10.40 meters. 25 containers of 60 cubic meters capacity, altogether, more than 152 tons were needed for all the material that was transported by ship.



The challenge has been increased by the circumstances: delays due to the pandemic, a recent snowstorm in Mexico , blackouts that left 12 people without electricity for a whole day ... Nevertheless, the installation is currently being concluded in the ten rooms that will house all the contracts that Banorte has with its clients, and which have a capacity of 42 linear kilometers.

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