Customers want security, efficiency and flexibility and EUN gives them that”

In this second part of the interview, EUN chief executive Alberto Lorenzo looks at how the market has changed post-pandemic and the way EUN has adapted

EUN Chief Executive Officer Alberto Lorenzo says the company emerged from 2020 “much more efficient”. During the pandemic, the firm has been investing in the future to pivot to a market similarly in flux and where the solutions that EUN offers can be geared to new requirements. 

You say the pandemic showed that modern society has been living close to the edge and that this could lead to a change in mindset among customers. In what sense?
In terms of engineering, I would say society has been operating with minimal safety margins. That’s fine when the situation is stable but can be risky when things get thrown out of whack. It is true that right now customers with money are more scared than cashed-up, but I trust the vaccination campaign is going well, albeit slowly, and will pick up speed, allowing us to move past the risk of mass infection and get the economy back on track. That is when cash-rich customers will invest in efficient solutions. That will be a watershed moment.

In what direction?
I mean that in the past price was often the bottom line and led to very tight safety margins. Now customers want security, efficiency and flexibility. These three things have always been cornerstones for us. EUN knows the importance of gaining insights into customer needs and expectations and pivoting the organisation –and the product, and the way we work and manufacture– to provide each customer with the best solution.

What does the “best solution” entail?
We are talking about next-generation products with a strong technological basis where the materials are starting to be well known and where we can apply and certify advanced design tools. In a business like ours where optimizing spaces is key, our work is twofold.

On the one hand, we need insights into the architect, the builder who wants to optimize the space and integrate the equipment in it and who even wants the equipment to enhance the features of the space itself. 

But just as important is ensuring the end user can tap these solutions. That is where electronification comes into its own: providing equipment with sensors and actuators, making sure they are perfectly integrated and can optimize the physical space but also enable optimal form and content management and, in short, control over the information or data they house. Customers must be able to tap this storage space and the content kept in it, but at the same time the equipment must be able to drill down on the data it receives and stay ahead of requirements. Any equipment that can keep ahead of the curve gives us time to react if we need to. And that is what predictive software allows.


An area where EUN is a pioneer...
The investment EUN is making in developing specialist equipment from the mechanical and electronic point of view and in software that not only manages form and content but is predictive puts us at the forefront of the industry. But that is not enough.

It’s not?
No. We can’t just give customers tech ‘toys’. We have to help them implement the work method that these tools -our mechatronic products with our software- will allow.

The industrial service, understood in the legacy sense that started with the bid and continued on to manufacture, must be supplemented with consulting. 

The industrial service, understood in the legacy sense that started with the bid and continued on to manufacture, must be supplemented with consulting. 

What are the main lines of work EUN is planning for the future?
In keeping with what I said before, a key objective for 2021 is to double the budget in R&D. We aim to profoundly boost the multidisciplinary technical knowledge of the entire team, both in the R&D work area at headquarters and in the work of our extended sales network, the area in closest reach with the customer (technical officers, sales staff, engineering). It is essential to provide our customers with technical consulting, leading-edge products, advanced certifications, pioneering materials, breakthrough design methods and a partner ecosystem that we are expanding and which will enable us to onboard the latest research and bring it to market. The same thing can be said regarding software development and the work to store content, ensure its use at all times and showcase the products, solutions and services that EUN provides.

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