The head of EUN México&Latam, Alexandro Alfaro, is in charge of the new team aligned with the company’s mission and values.

What does EUN deliver to the market that is different?
EUN is a company that stands out from the rest of its competitors for the quality of its materials, design and service. Our strategy is driven by progressive management, digital transformation and sustainability.

With regard to its objectives, what are they and how do they influence companies that place their trust in EUN?
We strive daily so that our projects, services and solutions deliver efficiency and sustainability in the way our customers build their businesses.

Our main goal will always be to deliver solutions to our customers so that they can each hit their targets.

What value sets EUN apart in spaces?
The optimisation and management of spaces are paramount to EUN’s work and we endeavour to share this philosophy with our customers, so we stand by the idea that being sustainable brings returns to society and businesses. We strive daily so that our projects, services and solutions deliver efficiency and sustainability to the organisations that place their trust in EUN.

What about the company’s evolution in markets?
EUN seeks to grow worldwide thanks to the support that it receives from its many distributors. EUN aspires to become a world leader in sales, innovation and the delivery of solutions for optimizing spaces for efficient storage and content management for different segments in the international market, thanks to its relationship with more than 50 trade partners across the globe.

What commitment does the team at EUN Mexico have with its dealers?
At EUN Mexico we are committed to delivering the best solution for every project by looking at our range of products to find the best way of optimising storage spaces.

We like to believe that in partnership with our dealers we make up a dynamic team with the experience and skills to view limitations as an opportunity.

How would EUN like to grow on different markets, which are increasingly more competitive?
Our main goal is to continue exploring the requirements in different countries, so that we are able to adapt our products to each market and help new customers to continue growing, which is why we manufacture high-quality products that incorporate the latest technological advances. We ensure that each product is safe, sustainable and double-checked. In a constantly changing environment, at EUN we not only react to change, we take the initiative to bring it about.

What can you tell us about the challenges facing the team in Mexico?
The main challenge in this market is the constant change it has to face. The way of storing objects is changing, so at EUN we continue to seek out solutions to meet the new requirements of each customer thanks to our ability to adapt. All of our product range is highly customisable so that we are able to deliver solutions that grow with your business.