EUN Designs Impala Terminals Facility at Huelva Subsidiary

A study into user requirements guided the construction of the space to optimise it to the full.

EUN recently finished work on the Impala Terminals subsidiary in Huelva, southern Spain. The multinational placed its trust in the EUN team to adapt the staff dressing rooms, as part of its aim of improving the facilities.

Impala, a multinational engaging in storage and the trade of minerals and metal concentrates, operates across Mexico, Peru and Spain and includes river operations in Paraguay. It is present in 20 countries around the world, with over 28 facilities.

In the case of Huelva, the project began with the joint work of EUN and Impala specialists to define the personnel needs of the Spanish subsidiary. Two space types were identified, with different uses, and the work was aimed at adapting them and optimising their use to the full.

Lockers were installed off the ground to protect users’ belongings. The three hundred lockers were divided into “clean” and “dirty” zones, with microperforated doors designed for the latter to allow good ventilation. Meanwhile, the lockers in the clean zone were given an extra door at the bottom with laundry access.

The lockers in the two areas have matching keys, enabling indistinct use of the zones.
Once again, EUN proposed and designed a solution that delivers on highly specific requirements to facilitate life within organisations.