EUN intervenes in one of the largest campuses in the world

Storage solutions adapted to different environments and requirements for the campus declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The National Autonomous University of Mexico is one of the largest universities in Latin America and one of the most active in art, technology and research.



The construction of its main campus south of Mexico City was undertaken by the most outstanding Mexican architects and artists of the 20th century.

EUN’s intervention took place in several schools and facilities on the campus. Security was particularly crucial as there are academic transcripts on record of important people in the country and hugely valuable art collections of Mexican art that are kept on the campus in the University Museum Contemporary Art.



EUN worked alongside the head of the School of Architecture’s archive, a highly recognised person in the world of archivists, in order to examine its specific requirements so that solutions could be designed adapted to the different contents.

 The storage solutions were implemented both in 620E electronic mobile storage systems and 610 fixed storage systems in order to make the most of the storage space.