EUN Selected for Conservation and Storage at Geneva Conservatory and Botanic Garden

Our solutions’ adaptation to the space and specific content conservation requirements was decisive for the project.

Covering 28 ha of plants, trees, flowers, streams and waterfalls, the Geneva Conservatory and Botanic Garden houses a collection of 16,000 plant species from all around the world.

Different-sized 620 Mobile Storage System components were installed specifically to store herbs, plants, seeds, etc., and ad-hoc shelving was made with perforated exterior sides for better ventilation and content conservation.



A solution was also installed in the area where documentation concerning the Conservatory and Botanic Garden is kept on file, and the project was later expanded with sliding-door closets for easier access to the storage space.

The difficulty with the project arose when the systems had to be introduced into the subsoil, the place where the Botanic Garden keeps its species as it is a better protected area with an atmosphere more suited to conservation.