EUN Storage Systems at the Museu do Tesouro Real in Lisbon

Together with Ferrovial, EUN has participated in a museum project that ends up organizing the Ajuda Palace.

EUN’s goal has been to achieve the maximum storage capacity for documentation and museum pieces. For this, the Mobile Storage System, with embedded rails, has been used. Thanks to its high degree of versatility, it has been possible to adapt the system to the peculiar characteristics of the space of the two rooms in which the system has been installed. The objective of achieving maximum efficiency in the storage of all museum contents has been fully achieved.

The project focused on the Museu do Tesouro Real is located in one of the wings of the Ajuda Palace. Place in which the “Direçao Geral do Patrimonio Nacional” has arranged a space, executed by Ferrovial, which will then be managed by the Lisbon city council.



The Ajuda Palace, situated on one of the hills surrounding Lisbon, was built 225 years ago. The great earthquake of 1755, and various wars suffered by Portugal, have caused its construction to be delayed until today. Its conclusion was therefore a historical debt of the Portuguese administration with Lisbon; and EUN has had the opportunity to contribute its knowledge and solutions to this project.