The 430 Galileo modular system makes it possible to upgrade spaces

The new 430 Galileo collection has been designed as a modular line of furniture that in addition to delivering storage solutions serves as hub for office spaces.

In order to come up with its different layouts, an extensive study was conducted on office types, their requirements and the space needed for everyday work.

Three business models were looked into: small, medium and large. It was concluded that regardless of an office’s surface area and number of employees, all required areas for individual work, short meetings, team meetings, presentations and training.

Thus, thanks to its curved shape 430 Galileo arranges space for smooth traffic flow and different layouts in open plan offices.

Based on these day-to-day requirements, an initial range has been designed for four work areas, with specific colours and finishes, which can be customised. 430 Galileo has not just been designed as furniture but as a way of streamlining office space.