The 430 Galileo modular system makes it possible to upgrade spaces

The 430 Galileo line is intended for everyday work spaces that combines functional storage and a wide range of uses.

As a result of a study of the requirements of people in their day-to-day work, layouts and areas for different types of interactions were designed: formal spaces for meetings, private areas and environments for teamwork.

Indeed, 430 Galileo is based on the fact that offices share uses and spaces. Therefore, to bring out the qualities of the line, a number of accessories have been created to make light of office work by tackling issues such as light and noise, in addition to comfort.



These accessories include round tables for short meetings, monitor and screen stands, countertops, partitions, individual desks, stadium-style seating, acoustic panels that insulate against noise, and ceiling light fittings and table lamps.

Thus, in addition to designing spaces 430 Galileo provides office environments with the features required for people to be able to do their work in the most desirable conditions.