The curves of 430 Galileo delivers spaces and order in Mexico

The curved outline of the 430 Galileo collection has realised its full potential in EUN’s offices in Mexico, thanks to a subtle modular system that organically brings order to spaces, in addition to delivering storage solutions for day-to-day work.

The S-shape chosen was the most suitable for fitting out this office space of 130 m2, without having to carry out major refurbishment work.

The 430 Galileo modules made it possible to separate the customer reception area from the office’s private work environment, thanks to highly functional designer furniture.


Thus, the most was made of the collection’s various heights to deliberately set the different areas apart in a practical way. The highest modules deliver privacy to an area, whilst those that are lower encourage teamwork in others.

The colour chosen enhances the lighting and matches the blue spaces the office already had. Additionally, the most was made of all of the advantages 430 Galileo delivers in terms of power fittings, so that devices can be connected and people can work together, and a work station was set up that serves as a table for short meetings.