The manufacture of 430 Galileo is based on an advanced cutting and folding system

In the manufacture of its new 430 Galileo line, EUN draws on its experience in producing metal storage systems that is carried over to new interior office spaces where people go about their daily work.

Its manufacture is based on a cutting and folding process using a laser and punch press. Thus, a collection of furniture has been created that can be assembled without tools, thanks to a fastening system.

All of the know-how built up in industrial manufacturing and smart systems has been poured into this collection, which pays close attention to detail. Specifically, a new way of working with sheet metal has been devised so that the set-up of 430 Galileo is flexible and can evolve at the pace of the requirements of an office over time.

EUN’s technical office has made the most of the use of materials to enhance efficiency, as well as preserving their technical properties. The assembly using fastenings prevents damage to the furniture, which can easily be extended and new layouts made with additional modules.

What’s more, the angles of the folded sheet metal and the manufacturing process without welding give 430 Galileo a high quality surface finish designed for daily use by people.