Social Sustainability, the most important area for EUNdarrak

Offering the best answers to the challenges facing us in the field of Social Sustainability is a matter for everyone, and therefore the participation of each of the members of EUN is essential.

Sustainable management in EUN starts with the identification of material topics linked to sustainability (economic, social and environmental) that are most relevant both for EUN itself and for our stakeholders.

In order to identify these relevant aspects, EUN conducts online surveys. According to the results of the latest survey of EUN’s stakeholders, carried out in full confinement by the COVID19, both EUN and our stakeholders, we currently give greater relevance to aspects related to Social Sustainability, beyond the aspects of Environmental Sustainability and Economic Sustainability.

As for Social Sustainability, the relevant aspects, also called material topics that were identified, and that therefore EUN is committed to better manage are: Employment, Worker-Enterprise Relationship, Safety and Health, Training and Teaching, Non-discrimination, Safety Practices, Human Rights Assessment, Customer Safety and Health, Marketing and Labelling, Customer Privacy and Socio-Economic Compliance.

This improvement in the management of the material topics of Social Sustainability is defined, deployed, controlled and adjusted under the EUNdarrak Strategic Axis, one of the four axes of the EUN Strategic Plan (Strategic Objectives, EUN Universe, EUNdarrak and EUN Hobetzen).



Some of the actions, improvement projects have already been launched, and that are contributing to improve the impact of EUN on the material topics of Social Sustainability are: 2 Metrotara (project to improve communication and rapprochement with people), updating of the Preventive Planning, Equality Plan, measurement of Customer Satisfaction, measurement of the Working Climate and the commitments for improvement derived from it, etc.



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