Sustainability as a mainstay of the EUN Strategic Plan 2018-2022

In 2018, EUN began a business transformation adapted to the constantly evolving needs of society in general and of the market in particular.

The "EUN Strategic Plan 2018-2022" establishes 4 strategic axes:

  • Strategic objectives: determining the values to be achieved by the strategic indicators.
  • EUN Universe Plan: planning the management of the EUN brand
  • EUNdarrak plan: planning the management of EUN staff. The care of those who participate in the company is an imperative for an evolving organization. The essential pillar, the EUN team (EUNdarrak), is made up of the members who collaborate and make possible a differentiating company.
  • EUN Hobetzen Plan: which plans the objectives of continuous improvement and is based on projects designed to achieve advanced, digital and sustainable management, fundamental pillars for EUN.

As a basis for sustainable management, EUN has considered several standards and models such as ISO 26,000, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), ... in addition to analysing cases of good practice from other organisations, thereby incorporating international best practices to diagnose, assess and improve EUN’s economic sustainability, social sustainability and environmental sustainability.


EUN headquarters environment in Beasáin


An annual training course in sustainable management is carried out and the most relevant aspects are identified both for EUN itself and for our stakeholders. After determining these aspects (material aspects), the impact that EUN has at that time on all material aspects is diagnosed and the appropriate actions are established to improve this impact, concluding with the completion of the annual EUN sustainability report.

Present and future go through solid and sustainable organizations, pillars of EUN's strategic plan.

For us, it is important to be committed to sustainable development and to EUN's stakeholders, integrating this commitment both in our strategy and in our management and extending it in our relationships.


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