Basque Film Library: State-of-the-art equipment at the heart of Basque cinema

The project has meant the improvement and optimisation of the archive management and processing processes. In addition, it guarantees security and conservation of the materials deposited there.

Founded in 1978, the Basque Film Library was born to recover, research, conserve, and foster knowledge of general cinematographic heritage and specifically that of the Basque country. Since 2015, it is in Tabakalera, the International Contemporary Culture Centre in Donostia / San Sebastian.



The challenge was to unify different types of documentary supports and gather, in one single space, the collections that had remained distributed in different branches. An update inventory had to be generated and, the collections adequately organised, with a system to facilitate the daily management.



The project covered from organising the physical space to making the collections available the most effective way possible.

· Fixed storage systems for library areas: areas for a historic archive of documents and materials like magazines, cameras, and different types of objects; and rooms for the conservation of damaged films.
· Electronic mobile storage systems, in the areas where optimising spaces is primordial for filing films in different formats and supports.
· EUN Logic Management Software for managing the archive and its collections. os.
· Flat drawers for safeguarding posters.
· Label printer for printing the labels with specific designs and adapted to the format of the materials. 
· PDA mobile devices to locate the contents in the archive. 
· Installation and start-up of the wi-fi network necessary for communication between different floors and rooms of the Film Library.

The Basque Film Library now has a catalogue of collections, managed by a system that facilitates tracing, localising, and consulting the contents. 



Basque Film Library
San Sebastián, Spain / Library · Archive · Office / Public sector / Arquitectura: Naiara Montero


Soon we will expand information on EUN Logic management software.
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