Eun invests to upgrade the efficiency and sustainability of its manufacturing process

EUN’s business success, following the recent orders secured such as the National Museum of Peru, has been reinvested in the company.

The purchase of a new roll-forming machine enables us to better adapt to our customers’ requirements whilst upgrading the efficiency and sustainability of our manufacturing process.

Our new roll-forming machine has a narrow roller and a main die-cut assembly with two interchangeable 18-roller cassettes, which are used to make a fundamental component, the square posts for the 600 range of storage systems.

This new roll-forming machine is capable of manufacturing up to five different profiles, and with any required measurement. Therefore, we can better adapt to the needs of every customer. By not outsourcing these profiles we increase the independence of our factory, saving both time & money.

In short, with this new acquisition EUN:

  1. Has improved its work capacity in customized projects and reduced delivery times, which strengthens our customer focus.
  2. Has reduced its environmental impact throughout the life cycle of its products by utilizing less raw materials resulting in less scrap during manufacturing; fewer raw materials have to be shipped (weight and volume) to the final destination; and the buildings in which our storage units are located bear a lighter load (without compromising functionality) and, therefore, can be streamlined to the optimum scaled size.
  3. Apart from gaining factory independence and automation by means of this new roll-forming machine, the entire manufacturing process is more efficient.
  4. That is, EUN is able to better focus on customers, be more efficient and reduce our environmental impact.

"This action has been co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism through the 2021 call for grants corresponding to the «Plan for the modernization of the machine tool» of small and medium-sized enterprises.”